iPhone and iTouch Japan related App’s

I’ve being living in Japan for 3 years now, 1 of those 3 year was made easier. It was made easier with the use of one tool that I now love the iPhone or iTouch. I’m not going to talk about the actual machine most of you already know what it is. I want to talk about some applications that I find brilliant. I would like to point out that most application are not free. There is always the option to Jailbreak your iPhone or iTouch. The jailbreak in simple terms will allow you to use a program that will enable you to download App’s for free and apply some changes in the iTouch or iPhone itself.

I do not recommended or suggest that you Jailbreak, I’m only informing you. Search the web for more info on that topic. Back to the Japan related App’s, I will break all App’s in categories.

  • Language App’s

All sorts of App about Japanese


by Mark Gansicke, size 48.1MB. Price 19.99$

Language supported: Japanese and English

Japanese is suppose to be a dictionary app but I must say it more a kanji repertory to me. If you are looking for an App that will help you’re traveling needs in Japanese this App is not for you. If you are unfamiliar with Japanese you will get lost. The search functions are not really easy to use and the results could be better. The positive point of this App is if you are familiar with Japanese or are studying it. This App will greatly help you learning kanji’s, the classification systems of the kanji’s is really nicely like JPLT 1,2,3,4 categories, by strokes categories, by school year and much more.


For travel purpose I think it’s not worth the money.

For studying purpose or for someone living in Japan it really worth the money. A really good addition to a Japanese learning arsenal.

Jisho Touch

by James Van Dyne, size 34.8MB Price 9.99$

byJames Van Dyne, size 34.8MB Price 9.99$

Language suported E

nglish, German, Japanese, French and Russian

This for me is a real dictionary App, Jisho Touch let search for a word in a multitude of language then give’s you the Japanese romaji Hiragana and Kanji translation. It really simple to use really fast. The dictionary has over 100,000 words and lets you even bookmark your favorite or mostly used words. Me I use this program everyday, from using it to study, make a kanji translation or check for a word I don’t understand. It’s really amazing! Plus it’s a really affordable App only 9.99$. The only thing I could say is that if you are using this App for traveling purpose it will not give you sentences or expression only words.


This App is for everyone, student worker in Japan, travelers anyone. It’s a must buy

Talking Japanese Phrasebook by iDev entertainment, size 6.6MB Price 0.99$

Language suported: English

If you are a traveler to Japan, first timer or veteran this is your App. It’s a really nicely made App that has over 500 words and phrases for any situation in Japanese. The organization of this App is really simple and functional. W

hen you chose a phrase you will have the audio Japanese version plus you will have a romaji, Japanese and English written translation. Little side notes sometimes the translations could be shorter or easier but overall really good and everyone will understand what you need or want.


This is the app for all travelers to Japan, I really recommend it. Even for people using Japanese daily this App could still be useful.

I would like to also recommend these app’s for Japanese

Japanese Verb Conjugator Is a really nice App that helps you with verbs. rating 4/5

Japanese Flip is an App that helps you study and practice Kanji’s. Mostly for people studying for the JPLT 3/5

There is a new

Dictionary App on the block it’s called Daiiisen Jpn-Jpn Dictionary from a Japanese company Shogakukan. I will try this App shortly and up date this post after.

  • Transportation App’s

All sorts of App’s for you

r Japan transportation need’s

First off, if your living in Japan using your cellphone with yahookeitai or google via your cellphone internet, are still two of the best way’s to find info on transportation. Japan transport system is really efficient but for travelers and even people living in japan, it can be really complicate. Knowing where you’re going is sometime not enough. Here’s some App’s that could help you around.

Tokyo subway 2009 by Eric Redlinger, size 4.2MB Price 2.99$

It was known before as Tokyo Metro, the new edition is quite similar to the old one. With this App you have a map of the Tokyo metro, individual map’s of all the Tokyo metro lines and a list of metro connection and train connection for each station in the Tokyo metro. I find this App really practical, if I’m on the go in Tokyo and I’m not sure i have my map on my phone. Sometime the map’s in some stations in Japan are only in Japanese, having a digital map in English can be really resourceful. If you’re planing a trip to Tokyo, this would be a must have App.


Really easy to use and practical.

For every one going to Tokyo. Downside I did not like the main map zoom in and out system. Great buy.

Japan subway rout map by Kazuhiko Inoue, size 20.6MB Price 1.99$

I just got this App today, at first I must say I really like the map’s in general. Unlike Tokyo metro the main map is more versatil in terms of zooming and mobility. I did not have the chance fully use this App but for all I see it’s a beef up version of Tokyo subway. Only downside I see now is that it’s suppose to have Osaka and Nagoya subways maps too but I can seamed to find them. Like the Tokyo subway App this one is a must have. Having one or the other is a personal choices but Japan subway rout has exit’s plans for the Tokyo metro which is really sweet.


Nice interface, good usability. For e

veryone going to Tokyo. Great Buy like Tokyo subway

There is also a many App for trains information. I never used them because my Japanese cellphone service allow me to have faster information on trains or schedule.

  • Fun Japanese related App’s

Japan related games and fun App’s

Ikoto is an App that let’s you play the Japanese koto a guitar like traditional instrument. You can also record 3 songs on this App.

Samurai way of the warrior lets you play a 2D slash and kill samurai game. It has a fun game play and nice art work. It can become repetitive.

Draw slasher ninja Vs Zombie Pirates is an other slash and kill game with a fun game play interaction.

I am Ninja let’s you become a Ninja. this game is from the guy’s of Ask a Ninja.

If you want more information on those iPhone, iTouch applications you can visit the Apple Appstore, youtube for videos on App or search the web.



  1. Wow great post! Never saw someone reviewing japan apps like that pretty nice. Imgona keep this blog I’m my bookmarks

  2. Hey – we just released an app called Tokyo Teleport Plus on the App Store. It’s world’s first Tokyo Video Guide!

    It’s got:
    150+ of Tokyo’s best venues – the Only in Tokyo venues that locals miss when they leave the city.
    You’ll never get lost – it has 50 WalkCast Videos that bring you to the door of Tokyo’s best venues, plus, it has offline GPS and mapping.
    With 50 TokyoTV videos, see the best things to do and the best way to enjoy them even before leaving home!
    Know what’s next – the Teleport tab gives great recommendations based on the time of day (lunchtime!) and your location. You’ll never sniff through a travel book wondering “what’s next?”

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