Impressive views of Tokyo

On a beautiful day in June, I was walking to a post office near Asaka city. After going to the post office I stopped at a near by river. Sitting near a river in Tokyo is a must do in summer, those of you living in Japan will understand me. It so hot here and humid. All of a sudden I saw a weird thing in the sky. It was a blimp! Actually it was the world largest zeplin, the Zeppelin NT of Nippon Airship Corporation.

Seeing this beast in the sky was pretty nice. I must say the Tokyo sky or Japan sky is incredibly fun to watch. There is a lot of chopper and plane traffic especially military ones. Back in Canada the sky is not so entertaining except for commercial airplane.

Not long ago I was surfing the web to find a good panoramic picture of Chiba city. I came up on an article on the NT zeppelin. The night pictures of Tokyo and the surrounding took from the blimp are amazingly beautiful, I need to share them with you on my blog. Here their are!

Tokyo and Mt Fuji

Saitama City

(near where I currently live)

Tokyo Tower

Ripongi and the Tokyo tower



Tokyo Dome

Imperial Palace

Chiba city

Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba


River City

Toyosu and Tokyo Disney Resort in the distance


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