Japan performance in the Olympics

Japan performance in the Olympics

Tonight will be the last day of the Olympics. I must say I was lucky to be in Canada for the Olympics, It gave me the chance to follow the games live on Canadian TV. Now I have to go back home to Japan but It has being a wonderful experience to be back in Canada for something like the Olympics.

The closing ceremony will follow just after what will maybe be one of the most impressive hockey game in a long time. Canada will play against the USA for the goal medal.

For this Olympic I did follow the Japanese Olympic team and of course the Canadian one. I was really sad that Japan could only get 5 medals during these Olympics. Japan got 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. Every Japanese athletes gave their best and gave use a wonderful show!

Here is a resume the event where Japan won:

One silver in Speed Skating – Ladies’ Team Pursuit
Tabata Maki
Hozumi Masako
Kodaria Nao

One silver in Figure Skating – Ladies
Asada Mao

One silver in Speed Skating – Men’s 500 m
Nagashima Keiichiro

One bronze in Figure Skating – Men
Takahashi Daisuke

And one bronze in Speed Skating – Men’s 500 m
Kato Joji

I would like to congratulate all the athletes that gave their best in the Olympics.


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