Nice interview with Pearl!

You must wonder who is Pearl ??

Here I am! I will introduce her to you!

Pearl is a Japanese singer and musician I met through twitter. Since then I must say I listen to her myspace page mostly every day. Since her songs make me happy and I’m totally in love with them I wanted to make an interview with her so you can first get to know her and second so you could all enjoy her wonderful music.

Hello Pearl how are you today?

”Im pretty fine thank you very much!”

When did you start music?

”I started to learn piano when I was little. At first, my grandma taught me how to play then when I was 6 I started to take piano lessons.

I wanted to major piano at university and become a concert pianist, but like  many things in life  I couldn’t. I graduated from an ordinary university then worked and forgot music.”

What made you start again?

”A few years ago I got sick, and I’m still undergoing  treatment, this situation made me think about my old passion. I really thought that I should live and I should do all the things I want to do till I die. From there I started to play again.”

Is music an inspiration for you?

”Music helped me all through my life. It helps me now and I think music help so many people around the world to go though many hard situation.”

On your myspace page you sing and do you play other instruments?

”I must say I think my singing is not good, but I want to move people’s soul with music. I play the piano and the flute.
When I was little I joined the local chorus and I played the flute at school brass band.
In my University days, I played the flute at chamber orchestra, sang  chorus for Russian folk songs, and joined a piano circle.
Also joined international friendship circle and theatrical company. I was really busy back in those days.”

What motivates you when you sing or write songs?

”Everything motivates me, especially things of nature, water, moon, plants….etc
I sometimes ask guests to give me theme and improvise  live.”

When you play how can you describe your feeling?

”humm this is hard in English! I’m thinking of moving people. I try to feel them feel their souls. I try to send them something that will move them ….lol”
Since you started music again what did you accomplish?

”I created a music circle in Niigata. It’s called “International Friendship with Music”. At first I wanted to do 2 things, a music circle and an international friendship one. After thinking about it I realized  it would be hard to manage two circles, so I thought of unifying them. People may laugh, but I believe if there is music, borders are meaningless.”

What music do you like to listen ?

”I listen to all kinds of music. In childhood, my parents were listening classical, jazz, bossa nova and many Japanese tunes.

Now I still enjoy those types plus I listen to rock and R&B, too.
I love ethnic music and I absolutely check world music corner at CD shop.”

In the future where would you like to be with your music?
”I don’t know, but anywhere. I want to move help and heal people all around the world.
Thanks to internet, I can send my music to the whole world. I’m  trying hard to keep on sending good music.
And it would be nice if I could ease someone’s mind and cheering up him.
Thank you so much Pearl
”Your welcome, I love you all.”

Again if you want to listen to Pearl’s music just go visit her myspace page.

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