Gaijinlife on Ustream!

Hey everyone Yugo here

! If you started visiting gaijinlife when we started you have surely noticed that there are a lot of things changing. I really do hope you like what I’m doing for the website!

In that optic I am opening a Ustream channel for Gaijinlife!

I will not start broadcasting right away I will make sure I can find good subject to talk about and that I first have some people interested to watch my show lol! So go check out the page, subscribe to it and let me know what would be the good first topic to start the new show on!?!

Here is the page



  1. Just saw your vids! bi-lingual – awesome.

    It blows my mind the opportunities that we now have in the age of the internet. Am looking forward to more gaijinlifeTV.

    c ya

    • Heheheh I would not say bi-lingual lol! I’m not that good in Japanese! Still good that most Japanese can understand me and I can have a conversation. I’ll do my best to find good subject for Ustream soon!
      And yes it’s crazy I remember my first PC lol it had huge soft floppy disk a green and black screan and was the bomb at the time lol Now im streaming live from my phone hihihihi

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