A new Karate Kid movie!

Karate Kid (2010)

I must say when I saw that title on youtube as a 2010 trailer, it kind a hit me. I know we are in the age of remake movies and sometimes I can not say it’s bad. There is a lot of remake that are really good or that have a lot of potential. So seeing the title Karate Kid made me go back in my childhood memories, think about Mr Miyagi. So a remake of this movie got me a bit exited, I thought about maybe new angles on Japan, nice pictures and images selection and a some what good story line or moral that the old version had.

Remastered original movie cover picture

But the world of hope I created in my mind with those 30 seconse of seeing the title got destroyed, torn a part and broken  in millions of pieces when I did press play.

The trailer started and you see a young boy leaving with is mom to China.

Ok Let’s stop there first: ”China?? Karate is Japanese it does have Chinese origins but still it is Japanese.”

”Ok ok what if there is a Japanese sensei so let’s go keep it going!”

The little boy end’s up getting beaten by some Chinese class mate or from a school not far from his, a bit much like the original Karate kid, and like in the original a sensei pop’s in and save the boy. ”That part is much like the real Karate kid”

Then comes the final blow,the one that killed me  for good

The sensei say’s ”I’ll teach you real Kung Fu!!!!”

WHAT??? Humm Is the title of the movie kung-fu kid or Karate Kid, did I miss read or something???

Here is the trailers if you would like to witness what im talking about

The original Karate Kid


The latest you got it all wrong Karate Kid

How come people can be feed so much non sense? I know movie are Hollywood creation but a remake is a remake do it right or just leave the classic in its grave or at lest in its VHS copy. This movie still has the potential to be a fun movie to watch plus the quality of the images are really nice, since China as so much beautiful land scape. But please respect things, Karate is Karate and Kung Fu Kung Fu.

I really don’t enjoy doing  post like that one, but I did have to share it with you all. And don’t get me wrong I totally respect any practitioner of any martial art in the world, I am my self a Kendo-ka and a traditional Japanese Jujutsu partitioner but this is wrong.

I leave you from a quote from MR Miyagi and Daniel San from the Original Movie

Daniel: What kina belt do you have?à

Mr Miyagi: Jc peny G19



  1. I agree with you. This doesn’t make sense. China and Jackie Chan. If they are going to do that, it should be called “The Kung Fu Kid”.

  2. That’s terrebble! lol.Our country,Japan often confused with China. I hope people(exept Japanese and Chinese) who watch this film will notice this big mistake.

  3. >Your comment is awaiting moderation

    seems like I said something inappropriate.
    maybe the first sentence?
    I mean, it’s a great pity that the movie like that released.
    I’m sorry.I’ve got to study English words more.

  4. The Karate Kid is a classic and any remaer who has the nerve to ruin iit by not only throwing in kung-fu but throwing ithe story in a foreign country needs to be slapped. I’m all for improving on the original. I’m totally against using the original’s name to sell a mostly unrelated story, which is the case with thie remake.
    But such is the current concept of remake…
    I eman, look at the Adam’s Family, Brady Bunch, Mission Impossible, Bewitched, all well done I think.
    But this was like doing a remake of Jaws and having the shark be a dolphin in a small japanese village where dolphin sushi is on the menu
    LOL Ummm isn’t that supposed to be a shark and isn’t HE supposed to eat the people???

  5. People responsible for this remake deserve a swift karate chop to the face. And a kick in the groin. Morons.

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