Japanese Super Toilet!

Japanese super toilets seem to be most advanced in the world.

Today, the diffusion rate of super toilet, known as “warm-water cleaning toilet seats,” is 60% in Japan.

Japan toilet

A warm-water cleaning toilet seat basically has a nozzle that squirts warm water to wash behinds.

You can adjust the water pressure and the position of the nozzle with a controller on the seat or a panel installed on a wall by the seat.

Also a warm-water cleaning toilet seat is equipped heater in the seat, so it does not get cold during winter.

This one on the picture has a dryer and massage features.

More advanced one has a new system that detects someone standing in front of the toilet and automatically opens the seat.

Lee me show you the dinosaur toilet that I saw at the “Unique Toilet Exhibition” held by TOTO Ltd.

<Dinosaur toilet>
Nose and mouth are drawn on the lid, teeth are inside. When a user sits down, it looks like a dinosaur eating the person’s bottom!!

It has a sensor, when a user approaches the toilet, it opens the lid automatically.

JAPAN Style has more pictures of Japanese toilets including the one samurai used.

So please visit the website.

From Japanstyle2010



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  1. There’s nothing better than a warm toilet seat on a cold Japanese winter day.

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