Wanna Get Electric Assistant Bicycle!

Bicycle is a popular transport for the Japanese people.

Especially because the gas price is going up these years, people try to avoid driving.

Electric assistant bicycle is also called Hybrid bicycle.

It looks like a regular bicycle but under a saddle, it has a small battery, which can be detached and charged at home.

The bicycle can speed up to 24km/h (or more with pedaling).

A user says “It’s like pedaling air, it’s so light!

With the bicycle, I can go up a slope much easily.”

The history of electric assistant bicycle is not so long; it has been only eight years since the first one was released by YAMAHA.

In 90’s, the most users were elders; however, the bicycle became popular broadly among younger generations in recent years, as more design variations become available.

The Japanese makers of most popular and sold electric assistant bicycles are, Bridgestone Cycle, Sanyo, YAMAHA and Panasonic.

The most popular one today is the Bridgestone’s 2010 model, ant it can run up to 99 km by one charge.

Also foldable type ones are popular among young people who take train and bus for their commuting.

Using bicycle for commuting is actually a good idea because it’s good for exercise and to save gas money or passenger fares, also good for the environment!

From Japanstyle2010



1 Comment

  1. I’d have one, but I don’t want to become a ‘cyclist’ – I hate them more than anything else on this planet *shakes fist*.

    I think some of the figures are wrong here. This is contradictory:

    “… it has been only eight years since the first one was released by YAMAHA.”


    “In 90’s, the most users were elders..”

    I noticed because I remember one of the Design Technology teachers having a YAMAHA one back in the UK while I was at high school, so I’d put the introductory date at closer to 1996, which would be 14 years now.

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