Kaomoji (^_^) — Japanese emoticons (^ 0 ^ )/

The Japanese people love to use emoticons, kaomoji, in texts, emails and chatting. They are even used in manga too.
Here are the examples. Just know that kaomoji are horizontal!

Smile(^_^), Laugh(^ o ^), Wink(^_-), Shy(*^_^*), Blushed(#^_^#), Cry(T_T), Cry(T o T), Lost(*_*),Confused(@_@), Sorry(prostrating) m( _ _ )m.

Since hiragana, katakana and kanji can be used to create faces, the variations of kaomoji are numberless.

For Kaomoji lovers, using them just on computers and cell phones are not enough! They want to use them on papers too!
So a Japanese company released an outrageous product for them.

It’s called “Kaomoji Dial Stamp” and there are 20 kinds of signs on it to make over 2000 kaomoji.

Since I have weakness for such nonsense products, I bought and used it right away!

In the box there are the stamp and a piece of paper shown kaomoji examples.

Mmm…I only know a couple of them.

(T_T) “Crying”
m(_ _)m “I’m sorry (prostrating)”

Turn the each serrated dial and make face.

These are how they look.

This stamp is sold well in Japan but I wonder when and how people use this.

You can make your original face and put on anything anywhere you like!
Tell your feeling with this stamp (^o^)/

From Japanstyle2010




  1. Did you get it? I have intended its review on my blog.
    Kaomoji is very cute! My fave Kaomoji is this; o(^-^o) Cheer up!

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