Who’s behind GaijinLife


That me

I’m Yugo a guy in his mid 20’s  born in Montreal, Canada now living and wondering around Japan.

I always had a passion for Japan, that mysterious and enigmatic culture captivated my youth. A lot of people who are passionate about japan have a general point of interest. For some its the martial arts, for others it’s the architecture, mangas, the technology and so on… But for me it was its history, its philosophy it’s culture. Old tradition that shaped a nation of wonderful people. A world that share old customs with modernist. With a growing and growing interest I kept on reading and studying about Japans history, the old philosophy anything i could get my hands on.

Here I am now 4 years after still in Japan.

I certainly hope you will enjoy. Feel free to comment and share with me If you want to reach me email me at gaijinlife@ymail.com


こにちわ 皆さん わたちの 名前 わ ユゴ です
わたちわ カナダ 人


Japanstyle2010 is the newest member of Gaijinlife

His name is Atsu Tanaka

Of course he is Japanese and lives in Tokyo

Atsu will write weekly on gaijinlife covering Japanese modern culture and cool items from Japan. He writes and his the director of the website Japan Style.

You can enjoy all is post in the Japanstyle section.

Here is a message from Atsu

Hi, everyone who are you? My name is Atsu.
I introduce COOL Japanese products and services, besides unique news
from Tokyo.
I am completely Mac (Apple) person, so I will get along with Mac people
more than Windows people 🙂



  1. Yugo,

    I love the fact that you have this blog. I JUST discovered it when I came across some of your posts on Twitter. I am a big fan of Japanese aethestics and still learning about the culture. Glad I have access to your site as I will be learning and living Japan vicariously through you. 🙂


    • I must say it’s comment like your that make me want to write more and more and more! Thank you so much it makes me really happy!

  2. I saw your post on twitter and had to check it!
    Lovely blog I will be reading your posts!

    • Thank you so much hope you will like the newest post =)

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