Life in Japan

What do I do in Japan…?

Thats not a hard question, most gaijin living in Japan teach English and I’m no exception.

I would like to clarify something, I don’t like to say that ”I teach English” because I’m not a teacher in terms of my field of studies, and I’m not quit sure my level of English would match the one of a real teacher. But in my time living in Japan I must say i did help a lot of people helping them learn English.

Teaching is a really nice and rewarding job. I did have the chance over the past 3 years to experience many teaching style, from working in private school or with private students to teaching as an ALT (assistant language teacher) in a Junior high school. It gave me the wonderful opportunity to meet wonderful friend, coworkers and learn so many things that I could have not learn if I would have just visited Japan.

If you love Japan and want to go live there I have one thing to say.


Follow your dream and ambitions and don’t discourage your self if you want it you will get it!!




  1. I actually believe it’s a possibility in the future for me – teaching English in Japan, that is. Especially as it is the subject that brings me the most pleasure in my studies, as well as the subject that I exceed most in.

    It sounds wonderful, really! I’m highly envious. 🙂

    • Don’t be envious!! If you really want to do it you will! That’s how life works!
      I will sent all my positive thought towards you so you can reach your dreams and goals!

  2. I would like to say to totally agree. I have said many times that I don’t like to call what I do “teaching” here in Japan, for the same reasons as you posted above. I more like to think of it as coaching.

    I agree also. If you want to be here in Japan. It’s true, you can do it.

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