To all my friends and readers

I would like to apologize for not posting often lately, only Japanstyle2010 has being posting in the past weeks. The reason for that is: I’m getting married next month and I have so many things to take care of.

But be sure to know that I will resume posting 4 or more post a week around mid May. Plus i will bring even more things to

Thank you all for your support



!!First ever Gaijinlife contest!!

Ok everyone! I’m lunching the first ever Gaijinlife contest

Starting March 26th  2010, till April 5th  2010 I will be giving away 5 TokyoTeleport plus app for iPhone, iTouch or iPad

For more info on the TokyoTeleport app check out my review about the App here:

TokyoTeleport review

The contest is really easy and open the every one!


All you have to do is make sure you follow me on twitter


After you made sure you’re following me

tweet to all your friends: is giving away the best Tokyo app for iPhone, iTouch and iPad! @TokyoTeleport @agaijinlife  #contestgaijinlife

MAX one tweet a day

The contest will end on the 31st of March at 12:00 am GMT-05:00

Good luck to everyone!

Coming soon to gaijinlife

Coming soon to gaijinlife

Post about Tokyo Teleport App for iPhone and iTouch

Post about skateboarding  in Japan

The weekly Japanstyle2010  post

and many more good ones!

Gaijinlife on Ustream!

Hey everyone Yugo here

! If you started visiting gaijinlife when we started you have surely noticed that there are a lot of things changing. I really do hope you like what I’m doing for the website!

In that optic I am opening a Ustream channel for Gaijinlife!

I will not start broadcasting right away I will make sure I can find good subject to talk about and that I first have some people interested to watch my show lol! So go check out the page, subscribe to it and let me know what would be the good first topic to start the new show on!?!

Here is the page

!!Coming soon!!

Here is the list of the up and coming post on Gaijinlife

Internet and Manga Cafes

An interview with Dan from Japanese castle

money gifts gosyugi

skateboarding in Tokyo and Japan

Koishikawa Korakuen Garden in Bunkyo-ku

Tips to understand Japanese’s sense of humor

Many more post coming in the next weeks

Here is the picture of the day

This picture was taken by Guillaume Marcotte form

The shibuya crossing

New Interview section

Ok today I’m creating a new section on Gaijinlife.

The Interview section, in this new section I will conduct interview with some people I’ve met on twitter and in my time in Japan. I think this section will bring a nice new twist to Gaijinlife. It will help you understand more the life of gaijins in Japan and the type of experiences those people are living. I really hope you will enjoy this new section! The first new post in that section will come in really soon! Be sure to check them out!

I will leave you today with a wonderful picture taken by Guillaume Marcotte freelance photographer in Japan and owner of the wonderful website

New video section

Today I just added a new video section, it’s just under the calendar on the far right!

I will constantly add new videos on there, video that in my opinion are worth watching. Of course all about Japan related stuff.

Plus you can visit for more of my favorite videos

Hope you will enjoy.